The Love in My Heart

From the moment I laid my eyes on Z I was in love. Never before have I felt the intensity of love that I did the day Z was born and placed in my arms for the first time. It was so overwhelming to think that this tiny, precious baby girl was created by Dave and I...and that our whole world was about to change...forever. I have heard people say that the love for your child is like nothing else you would ever experience, but little did I know that I would keep falling in love more and more every day with this little human. 

Fast forward almost 11 months and my heart has never been so full. Whenever I think it must be at capacity, it grows a little more. It has been amazing to watch Z grow and explore the world around her. She is such an inquisitive baby and now that she is mobile it is fun to watch her discover and learn new things. My heart bursts with pride with each milestone that she reaches and each new skill she develops. I am her biggest cheerleader and I know that like my parents were (and still are) for me, that will never change. 

Sure not everyday is rainbows and butterflies. Being a parent definitely has its share of challenges with lack of sleep, frustrations (on both sides) trying to decipher what might be wrong and countless bumps in the road along the way. Those immediately fade away into the background as soon as Z gives you a big grin, lets out her adorable laugh, or climbs into your lap to give you a snuggle. There are so many precious moments throughout the day where you wish you could just hit pause and enjoy a little longer, especially as you watch your baby girl grow up way too fast. While I would love to stop time and get stuck in a moment, I am excited for what is to come and to continue celebrating and cheering Z on every step of the way.