Rodan + Fields Enhancements & Redefine

I have never been a very high maintenance girl with any sort of crazy beauty regimes. Pre mom life, my morning routine for hair and makeup would take minutes so that I could train as long as possible and still make it to work by 7:30/8 am. Night time was no different (usually because I was tired and just wanted to get to bed). Fast forward to life as a mom and my routines have not gotten any longer - in fact I probably even spend less time now worrying about me as everything is about Z.

Going on 10 months of still not having a full night of sleep, my skin doesn't always look as refreshed as it used to. When an old friend from university reached out and asked if I would try out a skin care product, I was more than happy to give my skin some well deserved pampering. I have tried many different products before with mixed results and often don't notice a huge difference when I try something new, but I was actually very impressed with the results after just one use.

The first product I tried was Rodan + Fields Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste.  I had just got in from my long run Sunday morning and thought my skin could use a bit of a treat so I gently massaged the paste onto my face before I jumped into the shower. As I rinsed the paste off, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft my skin felt - as soft as Z's baby skin. I honestly can't remember the last time my skin felt so soft to the touch. It's amazing how a little TLC can elevate your day! All day long I caught myself touching my face, impressed with how soft it felt.

That night I tried out the Redefine Night Renewing Serum. Poor Z had a terrible fever which meant very little sleep for anyone in our house, but surprisingly, my skin still looked refreshed and a littler firmer than the night before. Again, pleasantly surprised after trying it out for just one night. I am definitely going to consider adding these products into my very minimal skin care routine because I am learning that as a mom you often forget about yourself, but a little TLC can make all the difference.

Big thanks to Patricia for letting me try these products! If you are interested in learning more about Rodan & Fields, or looking into either of these products check out


Z loves food and has become such a great little eater! Even when we started her on puree she insisted on feeding herself with her spoon and now that she has mastered her pincher grip, she loves finger foods. With self feeding comes a bit of a mess so bibs are essential on a daily basis, especially when we go out to eat. 

We got this amazing Bibagogo bib as a shower present that we keep in Z's diaper bag for eating out that has some great features which I personally love:

  • Bib length: maybe there are other bibs out there that are long, but this bib surpasses all of our bibs in length which is awesome for keeping Z's clothes relatively clean when we are out.

  • Buttons vs velcro: the buttons to fasten the bib around the neck are great to not only provide a snugger fit (so water can't seep through), but also to hold the bib in place so Z can't rip it off.

  • Hidden pockets: on the back side of the bib there are storage compartments for two clothes and a spoon - super convenient for meals on the go.

  • Material: not only does the Bibagogo keep Zoey clean, it also keeps her dry as the bib material is durable, stain resistant, washable and quick to dry (now that Z is testing out open faced cups, she can get a little wet!)

  • Bottom pocket: catches any food that Z might miss getting in her mouth, or decides to throw around.

  • Portable: this bib rolls up nicely and you are ready to go!

I think one of the best things about this bib is that it is Canadian - made right here in Edmonton and designed by a dad (who obviously was tired of the bibs on the market). We love our Bibagogo so much that we are thinking about purchasing a second so that we can have one for on the go and one for in the house as honestly, this bib beats any others that we have tried and it has been designed to grow from baby to toddler so we'll be able to use it for many years to come. If you are looking for bib, I highly recommend trying out a Bibagogo. A few retailers in Edmonton carry the bibs, or you can order online:

Boba Hooded Carrier Cover

I have been baby wearing Z since she was born and love taking her for walks to explore the world around us. I have two carriers (will speak more to these in another review) and honestly could easily have more as they are super convenient both in and out of the house. Living in Edmonton, our weather can be challenging at times and this winter I tried to get creative on more than one occasion to take Z for a walk and keep both of us warm. I got a late start looking into baby wearing jackets/sweaters and before a family trip to Canmore, decided to invest in a sweater that would see me through the rest of our unusually mild winter and into spring and next fall. 

I purchased the Boba Hooded Carrier Cover and after the first use I was in love! This long sleeved sweater is good for both front and back carriers and while not the thickest material, keeps both Z and I warm by capturing our body heat. The great thing about this sweater is it gives you the ability to layer underneath so it can span across multiple seasons. There is an opening for both Z and I's heads to pop through and enough material to pull up a bit on Z's head to protect her from the wind if necessary. The hood for mom is a nice addition, but could use some sort of drawstring system to keep it from blowing off your head in the wind. The zippered pockets on either side are great for holding small items that you might want to take on your walk (phone, keys, money) and the side zipper makes it easy to pull on over top of both you and baby. 

If you are looking for a cozy, cost effective piece of outwear I would highly recommend the Boba Hooded Carrier Cover. We have used it almost daily since I bought it and as you can see below, in addition to providing warmth while exploring, it keeps Z toasty warm for a nap as well :)

First Review Coming Soon!

Well before Z was born, the internet became my best friend to look up reviews and products that we would need adding a new member to the family. Depending on the product, I found a lot of vendor reviews, but many times I found it difficult to find what other mommies thought and what their experience was. For the most part I have been very lucky with some of the baby gear that we have invested in and want to share the gems that we've found for anyone who is looking!