When I was younger I sported a bob, but ever since I graduated from high school I have had long hair. My hair is stick straight and only holds a curl with the help of a lot of product, so my signature style has been long and straight. While some might find this rather boring, I always joke that I have wash and go hair because I can get away with not blow drying it and my hair will still magically come out straight. As a kid I tried everything to get curls - braids, hot rollers, Velcro type rollers, curlers, rags - you name it and I tried it, all with the same result...temporary curls and then straight again.

My hair dresser likely groans when I come in as I always get the same thing done - trim off the bottom and some frame facing layers, but they have to be long enough for everything to fit up into a ponytail. Pre baby, I joked it was my athlete hair as no matter how my hair started at the beginning of the day, it almost always ended up in a ponytail by the end due to some sort of training. 

Enter Z and the ponytail has become a staple - I now call it my mom hair. At first it was just easy to throw it up when I was bleary eyed and half asleep after being up multiple times in a night and now it is for the safety of my hair as Z loves to pull it. When she is tired she will suck her thumb in my face and grab my hair to make sure that I can't escape and that I know she is tired and would like to sleep. Even when she isn't tired she has some weird fascination with my hair and a desire to pull tufts out so I have hair going in every direction. Dave has come home on more than one occasion to some very 'unique' hair styles. 

I used to love having the option to put my hair into a ponytail, but now I would love nothing more than to wear it down without the fear of it being yanked from my head. Dave jokes that I should just shave my head, but Z yanks on Dave's ears since he has no hair and I am not sure if I would like that any better. I figure Z should eventually outgrow this and one day I will have my hair back again...unless this is her way of telling mom to get a new hairstyle ;)

One of the many wonderful 'Z' styles I get to sport!

One of the many wonderful 'Z' styles I get to sport!